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Why Boyfriends Moms are Blessings
 It was my boyfriends mothers birthday today and so I decided to get her a card and a chocolate bar. Didn't know what kind of chocolate she liked so I took my best guess. Turns out her favourites and my favourites are very much the same, that was the first partial success. To add to that we both like scrap booking. On top of that she doesn't have a daughter and so I feel more appreciated by her than I have in years. I've never seen someone so touched by a simple and cheap gift. To be honest, no one has ever made me feel so welcomed as she did tonight when she pulled out the baby books and she told me stories about when my boyfriend was little. I love it when people appreciate you for who you are. I have to say though sometimes she can be intimidating I care about this woman almost as much as I do her son, though in completely different ways of course.


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